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There are many sites, blogs and projects that show how to use all Silverlight features to build applications. But at the same time, there are very few sites that focus on testing these applications. After looking at our internal dicussion list at Microsoft, I realized that there are many tools and recommendation that can be used to test Silverlight projects, but most developers are not aware of them.

I started this project to fill this gap and create site focused only on Silverlight testing. It will consist of two parts: a Wiki documentation, which will describe available tools and techniques, and the Mind Map project, which will work as a sample code for described topics.
In the first stage, the Wiki articles will be rather short and present short description, links and a few samples for described tools, so readers can become aware that such tools exist. But once the project evolves, you can expect more detailed content.

Below you will find working sample of the application, which can be used to navigate through documentation of this project. Enjoy!

  1. Testing Silverlight
    1. Unit Testing - overview
      1. Silverlight Unit Testing Framework
      2. SilverUnit
      3. UnitDriven
    2. Test runners
      1. StatLight
      2. Lighthouse
    3. Mocking objects
      1. Moq
      2. RhinoMock
      3. TypeMock
    4. GUI Testing
      1. Silvernium
      2. Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack
    5. Good practices
      1. Design patterns
        1. Model-View-ViewModel
      2. Recommendations
        1. Testing user-initiated actions

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