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Silverlight Unit Testing Framework

Silverlight Unit Testing Framework (SUTF) is part of the Silverlight Toolkit, and it is currently the only framework supported by Microsoft. It works for both Silverlight and Windows Phone projects and it is updated with every new release.
This framework can be used for both simple unit tests for your model, and more complicated, asynchronous tests for your controls. In contrast to some other frameworks, such as SilverUnit, it runs tests directly in the browser or in the phone emulator, so it can be also used for simple integration tests. It is also the most commonly used testing framework for Silverlight, so it is supported by others tools, such as StatLight.
There is one more advantage of using Silverlight Unit Testing Framework: it reuses attributes from MsTest, so if Microsoft adds support for Silverlight directly to Visual Studio, your tests will be relatively easier to translate.


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